Rubinstein by Rubinstein

MaestroLook at the life of Arthur Rubinstein, one of the greatest musicians of his time. The program includes Daniel Barenboim, Zubin Mehta, Jacques Chancel Rubinstein and two children, and a number of other of his contemporaries. Rubinstein was an incredible natural talent, which could, in his career, he played effortlessly and without extravagance. (From France, in French, English and Spanish with English subtitles) (Masterpiece) (Documentary)

Hedonistic and altruistic at the same time, beloved of the gods, and philanthropist, melancholy and optimism serious artist, a gifted musician and a brilliant pianist, self-centered and family dog. Arthur Rubinstein, a great character and very cosmopolitan, a man who loved life, music and people so much.

The recent documentary (2010) on the life and work of Arthur Rubinstein, brought to life, Persönlichkeit a great artist, and shows what aret his art. Filmmaker Marie-Claire Margossian embarked on a journey through the life of Rubinstein with the help of her daughter, Eva photographer and the participation of John and Alina Rubinstein, as well as testimonials from friends like Jacques Chazal, Daniel Barenboim, Zubin Mehta, Gustavo Dudamel and others.

Documentation based on biographical data, is one approach, but unless life through images and memories he brought communicates very little. This is where the family archives and hundreds of photos comes in.
Margossian successful, a very dynamic profile and unique personal one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century and legend shows the different stages of his career and Rubinstein comes to the personality behind the celebrity.
Rubinstein by Rubinstein

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