6 tips for play piano

images56 As you can and keep your motivation to play the piano? In other words, how can you increase the joy and keep it on the piano? ! The cause that made you start playing in the first place

A. Before setting goals

Sometimes, the reason why we believe our goals piano is that we are not honest with ourselves, if we set goals. Before defining your goals, you must decide why you want to play the piano. Make a honest point of view of your assets and needs in the field of piano.

Second Set Goals

To have goals that you work really be, to be honest with yourself. Do I really want to achieve these goals. Should I feel really good when I reach my goals?

With a repertoire third

To read a pattern common to start the piano is to be able to the songs you want. This mean we learned to play the piano, a goal might be to learn a series of piano pieces, we say, five pieces by heart, so that you can read in any context.

These five pieces of piano music that must be learned so you do not worry, if you are invited to play.

One reason is that the directory throug houtly with repeated piano pieces that you feel that you are running at the top of your form.

4th Do not

A good way to create motivation is to play the piano, always in front of other people lead in different ways. One way to practice a boost to your piano literature, is the establishment of an informal concert with a few pieces within their own homes.

Your family is your audience. There are many opportunities for someone playing at home and you can have others in your familstimulate the oude among your friends to play their instruments in such an environment. Of course, you must plan ahead and suggest a benefit to prepare.

Fifth But if you do not meet?

You can actually practice the art of playing on your piano without humans present. One way is to use your imagination and pretend that you are in front of others. If you want to help your imagination a little, you can empty chairs in front of you who set the public.

On one occasion, he must practice self-discipline and play these songs in your current program, from beginning to end. If you make a mistake in front of an audience, what would you do? Probably you want to minimize the effect of this error and just play. This is what you have to practice even in this context.

This creates confidence in your capacity. Pour handle errors and will also help you improve FAIB points the your game

It is also a good time to save your performance for later evaluation. The act of registration is as critical to the public.

6th To hear piano music

You must look to climb to a higher level in your piano playing, which is acco will give listening to the pianist to a higher artistic level than you.

Finally a qoute piano, by an unknown author:

"A man gets nothing but discord out of a piano, another receives harmony Nobody claims the piano is to blame life is essentially the same, there is conflict, and harmony is to study, play to the right and pass on the beauty …. he plays badly, and continue life deformity is not at fault "..

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