Piano Chord Dictionary (Handy Guide)

with lead you try to play popular music and film learn to play piano, you need to know what these symbols mean chord length.

Cm, CM7, CM7-5, CDIM,+ c, c9, c11, c13, c7# 5, C7 sus4, etc.?

Finally, a book full of good sense that decrypts the mysteries of the chord symbols found in the score People and offers much more dedicated for the beginner trying to learn to play the piano. This Handy Guide shows the notation, fingering and keyboard diagrams for all the important chords used in modern popular music. Only the most practical position of each chord is shown. Two bass notes are given for each chord. Major, minor, diminished, augmented, sixth chords, seventh chords, ninth chords, eleventh chords and thirteenth chords are clearly shown. Includes a chord chart and major scale chart.

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